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Why Should Freight Brokerages Consider an Investment in Capacity Management?

Read on to learn how brokerages can use capacity management to grow and scale their business. Here at Parade, we wanted to drill into what capacity management is and why brokerages and asset-based carriers need it, so we decided to write a series that covers the ins and outs of capacity management. In this part of our, “Is Capacity Management for Your Business?” series, we’ll be discussing some of the major ways that capacity management can help brokerages grow and thrive.

Parade & 3G Raise the Bar on Digital Bookings

Parade, the leader in software for freight brokers that drives digital transformation with its truckload capacity management platform, announces its partnership with 3G TMS.

Why Dupré Logistics Chose Parade for Capacity Management

Dupré Needed a Capacity Management Solution to Help them Scale Their Growing Business. When the team at Dupré Logistics, an asset carrier and freight brokerage based out of Lafayette, LA, was searching for a capacity management solution, they didn’t simply pull typical top-level stakeholders in. Their end users and managers also weighed in.

How Parade and TAI Work Together to Help Freight Brokerages Grow and Modernize

Fast-paced, modern brokerages need modern tools to help them achieve their goals.

Everything You Need to Know About Capacity Management

In this series, you’ll learn the ins and outs of capacity management, why freight brokers need capacity management, and the benefits brokerages can gain from implementing capacity management solutions. Here, we’re discussing if capacity management is right for your freight business.

Why you Should Consider Implementing Parade at the Same Time as Your New TMS

Benefits of Implementing Both Parade and Your New TMS Simultaneously.

Build vs Buy

Should you purchase your software or build your own?

10 Questions You Should Be Asking Capacity Management Vendors

Here are some questions you can ask potential capacity management vendors to make sure they can help you design a comprehensive strategy that fits your organization’s needs.

What Does the Term Capacity Management Really Mean?

Capacity management has become a real buzzword in the freight industry, but what is it exactly? In part two of our run-down on capacity management, we’ll be covering what capacity management is and what it does. This series is meant to provide comprehensive education on capacity management so that professionals who work in the supply chain, transportation, and logistics industries can get a feel for what capacity management is all about and when it might be a good time to deploy a capacity management tool.