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Concept Logistics is Using Parade and Tai Customization to Perfect Their Tech Stack

Find out how Concept Logistics benefited from the Tai TMS - Parade integration.

Brand Spotlight: McLeod Offers a Tried-and-True Software Suite for Brokerages

Today, we’re shining our spotlight on our partner, McLeod Software. McLeod is one of the biggest names out there when it comes to logistics software, with some of the most well-known companies in the industry turning to the company for their technology needs. McLeod offers digital solutions for truckload carriers, LTL carriers, private fleets, and the 3PL/brokerage/logistics provider market.

Fine Tune Your Tech to Fit Your Brokerage’s Needs

It’s no secret that no two freight brokerages operate in precisely the same way. Based on that, doesn’t it make sense that their software shouldn’t be exactly the same either? After Pandemic-induced supply chain challenges that required companies to pivot quickly (in many brokerage’s case, to find a way to take on more freight volume to capitalize on the booming freight market), it’s easy to make a case for more configurable solutions in freight tech.

How Does Parade Get Loads in Front of Carriers?

Parade Helps You Use Your Capacity Network Efficiently Parade is a tech solution that helps freight brokerages streamline their operations and maximize margins, and one of the ways we do that is by making sure carriers see Parade loads wherever they’re looking for them. Alongside the network of capacity Parade brings to our customers through our syndication partners and carrier partners, Parade helps brokers build their network and use it more efficiently.

6 Ways Parade Capacity Management Drives Growth

The Freight Business is Ripe for Growth. Parade Can Help Your Brokerage Scale and Grow. The global supply chain is expected to be a $13705.01 billion industry by 2028, and every freight brokerage out there wants their piece of that pie. New technologies like Parade’s capacity management solution are helping brokers get theirs and stay competitive in the booming logistics market, despite talent and capacity shortages.

How Does Parade Support Customers During and After Implementation?

Parade’s Customer Experience Team is Dedicated to Our Customers’ Success. At Parade, we firmly believe that when our customers are successful, we’re successful. That’s why we have a whole team dedicated to helping our customers find success with our capacity management solution. As many of our customers have attested, Parade’s Customer Experience Team, led by our VP of Customer Experience Elise Le, is second to none.

5 Tips for Improving End User Adoption of Parade

When Parade’s very own Elise Le, VP of Customer Experience, sat down with Michelle Rogers, Director of Administration for SCS at Dupré Logistics, for a FreightWaves webinar, they focused a lot on getting end-users on board with the system. Here are some of the tips they shared for improving adoption and engagement with Parade’s capacity management solution.

3 Ways Brokerages Can Use Parade Capacity Management to Improve Carrier Relationships

Proactively improve your relations with carriers with the help of capacity management. Lack of trucking capacity due to market fluctuations has been an ongoing issue facing freight brokerages for years now, and the pandemic only exacerbated the issue. High freight rates and equipment shortages have led to brokers looking for new ways to secure the right capacity. Many have turned to prioritizing carrier relationships, but if that were easy everyone would already be doing it. Thankfully, capacity management solutions like Parade can help.

7 Ways Parade Can Help Mid-Size Freight Brokers

Here at Parade, we work with some of the largest, most successful freight brokerages in the US to bring them the power of capacity management. We’re not just intended to help large brokerages, though. Parade is a great solution for mid-size freight brokers, as well. Here are just some of the ways Parade supports mid-sized freight brokers, helping them find success and grow their businesses.