Parade Account Executive Jesse Loves Selling a Product He Believes In

In his previous role Jesse was working in sales development and had the chance collaborate directly with Lindsay Watt, who is now Parade’s Head of Product. He left his employment and about a year later, Lindsay reached out to him to talk to him about a Sales Engineer position at Parade. From there, he took a role within Parade as a full-cycle Account Executive. He’s been in sales at Parade for almost a year and a half now and he’s loving it.

Parade Team | 06.09.2022
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Jesse Says Working at Parade Rocks!

The Start-Up Environment Has Stuck Even as Parade Has Grown

When Jesse started at Parade, he really appreciated the start-up environment. There was a lot of room for him to be creative and find solutions. Every opinion matters and every single employee’s experience is appreciated. He loved that Parade had a great product, a great team, great leadership, and the will to bring that product to market.

As Parade has grown in the time Jesse has been with the company, that start-up feel is still a huge part of Parade despite that the company has gotten funding and has undergone rapid expansion in the past year. He says he likes that he has more influence over what happens at Parade than he would at a larger company.

Eventually, Jesse would like to move into a sales leadership role within Parade, but he says he has a lot to learn before then. He has had tons of opportunities to learn and grow his skill set at Parade, so he’s confident that he’ll get there someday. He’s also open to other opportunities within the company if something strikes his fancy.

Jesse Enjoys Selling a Great Product

Jesse appreciates that he gets to sell a product he truly believes in. He can connect the product to the customers’ needs, and he’s done so many demos that he knows exactly what he’s going to say and can take time to genuinely connect with his audience.

“When we go to a conference, everyone is talking about Parade,” Jesse said of his experiences on the sales team. “I already feel like I’m in the winner’s circle even though Parade hasn’t reached its potential yet.”

A Day in the Life of a Parade Account Executive

Because Parade employees are totally remote, Jesse is able to travel a lot. When we interviewed him for this piece, he was in Brazil. Wherever he is, his workday starts the same: he makes a list of the tasks he needs to carry out for the day, the customers he needs to reach out to or follow up with, the team members he needs to get in touch with to help solve problems or answer questions to help get deals pushed through.

He also does a little cold calling every day to keep the pipeline full. He commonly spends a little time helping his boss out with SalesForce and connecting with the Parade team.


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Despite Working Remotely, the Parade Team Finds a Way to Build Friendships

Jesse and the rest of the team at Parade make time most days to talk to their teammates and connect in a way that goes beyond work. He has made several friends in the sales department, and that makes sense. One of the traits that Jesse says many Parade employees have in common is a sense of adventure, and he has that in spades. And now, Jesse’s answer to the most important question we ask Parade employees for these spotlights: His favorite snack is pizza or chips and salsa.


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