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Parade empowers top freight brokerages to cultivate best-in-class carrier relationships. Parade leverages artificial intelligence to give you business-critical insights and smart carrier engagement.

Concept Logistics is Using Parade and Tai Customization to Perfect Their Tech Stack

Find out how Concept Logistics benefited from the Tai TMS - Parade integration.

Brand Spotlight: McLeod Offers a Tried-and-True Software Suite for Brokerages

Today, we’re shining our spotlight on our partner, McLeod Software. McLeod is one of the biggest names out there when it comes to logistics software, with some of the most well-known companies in the industry turning to the company for their technology needs. McLeod offers digital solutions for truckload carriers, LTL carriers, private fleets, and the 3PL/brokerage/logistics provider market.

Fine Tune Your Tech to Fit Your Brokerage’s Needs

It’s no secret that no two freight brokerages operate in precisely the same way. Based on that, doesn’t it make sense that their software shouldn’t be exactly the same either? After Pandemic-induced supply chain challenges that required companies to pivot quickly (in many brokerage’s case, to find a way to take on more freight volume to capitalize on the booming freight market), it’s easy to make a case for more configurable solutions in freight tech.