How Does Parade Support Customers During and After Implementation?

Parade’s Customer Experience Team is Dedicated to Our Customers’ Success. At Parade, we firmly believe that when our customers are successful, we’re successful. That’s why we have a whole team dedicated to helping our customers find success with our capacity management solution. As many of our customers have attested, Parade’s Customer Experience Team, led by our VP of Customer Experience Elise Le, is second to none.

Parade Team | 06.17.2022
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We Dedicate a Customer Experience Manager to Each Customer

At the beginning of onboarding, each Parade customer is assigned a customer experience manager. That manager serves as the main point of contact for their onboarding, including taking time to communicate with the customer about their specific needs, training super-users to use the system and train other end-users, handling any issues that arise, and coming up with creative ideas to get the system working at its peak.

Working alongside each customer’s customer experience manager is an integrations engineer who specializes in that particular customer’s TMS. When the engineer is already well-versed in connecting the TMS and other pieces of the tech stack to Parade, the process tends to go smoother, and the end result is more efficient at transferring data back and forth.

Support Doesn’t Stop Just Because a Customer is Already Live

Through our Thrive Program, our customer experience managers help Parade customers to find the success they were looking for when they signed up with Parade, ensuring the system is aligned with their business goals. Our team is always actively seeking out solutions to issues that arise and coming up with new ways to get end-users engaged and using the system to support the brokerage’s goals.

Thankfully, the Parade system is flexible and can accommodate any brokerage model, but it can take some fine-tuning for it to account for all the nuances. As a part of the Thrive Program, customer experience managers take time to learn how the customer is using the system and get the wheels in motion on tweaks that might help it do its job even better.

Our customer experience managers are also responsible for retraining when it seems the thing holding a customer back from success is that the system isn’t being used as well as it could. Whether it’s retraining super-users or addressing training sessions to specific end-users who are having difficulty incorporating the system into their day-to-day processes, our managers are up to the task. Parade also offers digital resources to all users through Parade University, an online platform filled with tutorials that can be watched and re-watched on that user’s timetable.

Another example of something our customer service managers have set up for customers through the Thrive Program is incentive programs to improve end-user adoption and engagement.

We Recognize that Every Brokerage is Different

Because every brokerage is different, we approach each customer individually to address their specific needs and ensure the system is working to its fullest potential for them. We truly believe our customer experience managers are some of the most creative, hardworking, efficient folks in the transportation and logistics software industry because they must develop an individualized plan to meet each customer’s needs. They go the extra mile to make sure our customers can use Parade to meet their goals.


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