Book more freight than ever before.

Capacity management helps freight brokerages and 3PLs save time and make more money. 


More Loads Booked on Average


Freight Digitally Booked


Increase in Repeat Carriers Doing 4+ Loads Per Mo.


Carrier Network Increase

There’s a lot to love about Parade.

Save Time

Finding the right carrier for each load takes a lot of time. Parade’s AI automates and streamlines the load booking process, letting  each team member book more loads per day.


Save Money

One-and-done carrier relationships are expensive. Parade’s capacity management re-uses  carriers and reduces carrier onboarding costs.


Increase Gross Margins

Most brokerages leave money on the table. Parade’s automation drives improved pricing.


Integrate Seamlessly

Parade integrates across the freight broker tech stack:

  • TMS
  • Capacity & digital freight networks
  • Carrier onboarding & compliance tools
  • Rating benchmarks
  • Visibility tools

Freight leaders love Parade.

Parade has given us the runway to book an infinite amount of orders.

Alex Mauer | VP Operations, Jones Logistics

Digital bookings require a new type of technology—one that helps manage and execute on capacity relationships to grow your business.

Lindsay Watt | Head of Product, Parade

Parade's AI-powered platform eases the frenzied job of matching available trucks with freight that's ready for hauling.

Leigh Buchanan | Editor, Inc. Magazine
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Gillson Solution was searching for digital technology providers to improve user experience for both internal and external stakeholders. Find out what went into the selection process of their current TMS provider, Turvo, and Parade's capacity management.

The Latest Must Have Tool for Freight Brokerages

The transportation industry is one that’s known for being notoriously tech-resistant, but the past several years have seen that change. There’s a veritable tech boom happening in the industry now, and nearly every brokerage uses tech heavily in their daily operations now. However, there’s one tool that many companies are still missing out on: capacity management. Experienced brokers have managed to get along okay without a capacity management program, but as the industry evolves, this piece of technology is becoming a must-have to keep up with the competition. Here are some of the benefits of capacity management that make it a tool every brokerage should be considering.

Parade Adds Truckbase, Expanding Coverage for Freight Brokers

San Francisco, CA — August 9, 2022 — Parade, the leader in capacity management software for freight brokers, announces its partnership with Truckbase, the first automated dispatching software powering a network of over 5,000 long haul trucks. The integration between Parade and Truckbase will provide additional capacity options to brokers looking to grow their carrier base and improve booking efficiencies.

Book 30% more freight.