There’s No Need to Fear Automation. Here’s Why.

Automation. The word has struck fear into the hearts of working people across the world for decades. The immediate leap that most people’s logical minds make is that automation means that workers will be replaced because machines can now do their jobs. At a lot of freight brokerages looking at Parade’s capacity management solution to help streamline their processes by automating some workflows, we’ve seen that same fear. Reps worry that the purpose of Parade is to replace them, making them resistant to using the system. Let us explain why Parade isn’t designed to replace anyone, and in fact, it can actually help reps increase their earning power.

Parade Team | 07.13.2022
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Parade Automation Helps Brokerages Scale Without Changing Staff Numbers

In the ultra-competitive freight industry, growth can be difficult to come by without a big outlay of capital. In the past, brokerages have had to add team members or even entire teams to achieve their growth goals and adding team members can be expensive. That makes it a risky proposition, especially when the freight market is as volatile as it has been over the past few years.

Parade is designed to help the reps brokerages already employ be more productive so that the brokerage can grow without changing the size of their team. It gives brokerages a way to grow without laying out a ton of money in advance with no guarantee that they’ll see ROI from the investment.

It Helps Brokers Be More Efficient So They Can Focus on Carrier Relationships

Brokers are busy. Their work is never done, and they spend a ton of time researching to find the best matches for their loads and dealing with all the minutiae that go along with getting freight moving. Imagine what an experienced, dedicated broker could manage if some of their tasks could be taken off their plate, leaving them to focus on the parts of their job that their expertise and relationship-building skills facilitate. You know, the things that computers can’t do.

Parade doesn’t replace reps. It can’t do their job on its own. It only helps them be more efficient. It makes their day-to-day jobs simpler, cutting out a lot of the busy work that reps take on every day to find the right carrier for each load and get those loads booked.

Through Parade’s partnerships with some of the industry-leading freight tech solutions and syndication services, even more of that busy work can be eliminated. For example, reps can send loads directly from Parade to syndication service or see immediately in Parade that a carrier is qualified to take a load via integrations with RMIS and/or MyCarrierPackets.

In these ways, helping reps be more efficient not only gives brokerages the room to cover more loads, but our solution also gives them room to cover those loads more effectively, using more relationship carriers to reduce the time and money spent onboarding new carriers, improve gross margins, and boost level of service. Not only does it help reps cover more loads, but it also gives them the time to build relationships with their carriers the way they’ve built relationships with their shippers in the past.

Many top voices in the industry believe those improved carrier connections have become more important in volatile markets, and those carrier relationships will be a key to success as the industry continues to evolve.


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Parade May Help Brokers Increase Their Earning Power

When reps get more done and have the tools to improve their all-around performance, it’s not just good for the brokerages they work for. Since many brokerages employ some sort of performance-based pay model, whether it be commission-based or offering bonuses for exemplary performance, the reps themselves often benefit from improved performance.

In short, Parade helps reps get even better at their jobs, get more done, and may even help them take home more money.

Would you like to learn more about how Parade automation can help brokerages improve their business at scale and allow reps to get even better at their jobs? Reach out to our team to schedule a demo.