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Parade is Joining Partner 3GTMS in Freight Tech Transformation Webinar.

Parade Team | 06.09.2022
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3GTMS and FreightWaves Invite Parade Talk About the Fine Line Between Digitization and Human Interaction in Freight Brokerages

As the freight brokerage industry is becoming more and more tech-centered, it can be difficult to find a way to find the balance to maintain the human relationships that have driven the industry for decades. Our partner, 3GTMS, is hosting a FreightWaves webinar to talk about that very topic, and they invited Parade’s very own Lindsay Watt, Head of Product, to join them.

Lindsay will be joining 3GTMS’s JP Wiggins, VP of Corporate Development, and FreightWaves’ expert Zach Strickland.

What You’ll Learn

JP, Lindsay, and Zach will be discussing several important topics surrounding the rise of digitization in the industry and how companies can benefit from that while still recognizing the importance of and encouraging human interaction and relationship building.

They’ll cover how companies can benefit financially and operationally from automation and how they can let technology handle mundane tasks to free up time for reps to tackle more of the tasks that benefit from a human touch. They’ll also talk about how businesses can benefit from automating carrier selection and booking and digital tools can increase carrier re-use, streamline operations, and improve relationships with carriers.



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There will also be a question-and-answer segment where attendees can pose their questions to speakers, an opportunity to get poignant answers to specific queries from some of the top players in freight brokerage tech today.

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