Brand Spotlight: McLeod Offers a Tried-and-True Software Suite for Brokerages

Today, we’re shining our spotlight on our partner, McLeod Software. McLeod is one of the biggest names out there when it comes to logistics software, with some of the most well-known companies in the industry turning to the company for their technology needs. McLeod offers digital solutions for truckload carriers, LTL carriers, private fleets, and the 3PL/brokerage/logistics provider market.

Parade Team | 06.27.2022
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McLeod Provides the Tech Customers Need to Succeed

McLeod’s core products in the brokerage space, PowerBroker®, FlowLogix Business Process Automation and DocumentPower™, provide brokerages with the tools they need to get loads booked, on the road, and delivered. 3rd party integrations are simple to add, filling every software need a freight brokerage might have. This makes for a streamlined tech experience.

The company offers on-premise software and a cloud hosting service for customers that prefer a cloud-based software suite but don’t already have a host.

McLeod’s team works hard to ensure their software is always on the cutting edge, giving their customers the tools they need to grow and adapt. Their systems have served as a springboard for new brokerages, giving them instant credibility and all the computing power they need to compete with larger, more established brokerages.

McLeod’s Origins

The Birmingham, AL-based tech giant has been providing leading-edge transportation management and trucking software solutions since 1985. Throughout their more than 35 years in business, they’ve developed solutions to help the logistics industry overcome every challenge and adapt to every change that has come its way.

The company has more than 1,100 customers in North America alone. McLeod understands what the industry and their customers need, and they use their extensive knowledge and experience in tech, transportation, and logistics to meet those needs.

Parade Partners with McLeod to Bring Capacity Management to Customers

In December of 2020, Parade and McLeod formalized their partnership. Like many of our other TMS partnerships, Parade layers over the customer’s McLeod PowerBroker system, giving them access to the scalability and flexibility of Parade’s capacity management tools without ever leaving their TMS. Unlike a lot of our TMS partnerships, we built a white label capacity management product for McLeod.


Covenant is Embracing Tech to Move Their Brokerage into the Future


Why Dupré Logistics Chose Parade for Capacity Management

The partnership between Parade and McLeod allows PowerBroker to communicate with the capacity management tool, giving brokers the power of digital booking and quoting functionality, Smart Rules that help brokers pinpoint the right carrier for each load and promotes carrier re-use. It also allows information to flow from the capacity management solution to PowerBroker, relaying information like posted available tractors, canceled tractor availability, loads covered via digital booking, and carrier counteroffers.

The addition of capacity management on McLeod’s PowerBroker software system provides customers with the ability to scale their operations and be more flexible.

To learn more about how Parade and McLeod work together, connect with the team at Parade.